take online lessons from anywhere!

It’s easier than ever to take lessons remotely, whether you live too far from a music store or studio or just can’t meet in-person.

Beginning trumpet player at any age? Get tips on how to start, including how to make a sound, best exercises for beginners, how and what to practice, and much more. Weekly 30-minute lessons are recommended – Cost: $40 per lesson.

Intermediate to advanced player? Take regular lessons to build your skills and repertoire; schedule a special session to tweak your playing or address a specific issue; or prepare with a mock audition session and insights. 60-minute lessons are recommended – Cost $100 per lesson.

Recommended set-up:

  • Most current version Zoom
  • Best with a separate microphone, but you can use an iPad, tablet or any computer with a built-in mic and video camera.
  • Zelle or Venmo account for payment

Email now to learn more and set up an introductory lesson.